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lizzi lou
Thanks, had a brilliant time, and my lady of the dungeon, I will try to live up to your lessons. He didn't know who was using some of the toys, which is good.
Will be back soon (I hope).
Dizz & H
28 June 2010 - Hastings

Hellenes and Shibari_Cognoscenti are good hosts. Just the right mix, attentive to your needs and desires, but at the same time let you have the privacy wanted.

The lessons were informative, and time was taken to make sure that you learnt at your pace, not getting the hump when showing how to do something for the third or forth time. I'm sure lizzi_lou will put everything learnt to good use.

Hopefully will return for more playtime soon, and when lizzi_lou is ready some more lessons perhaps, if she agrees.
28 June 2010 - Hastings

Master Choccy and Michelle |
It had been arranged that Michelle would arrive at the Croppery first so that she could change, get made-up and be ready for when MASTER arrived. She was met by Shibari-Cognoscenti and ushered into the lounge and the first of many cups of coffee was offered, both MASTER and Michelle knew SC and Hellenes though visits to a local club so there was very little initial nervousness. The bedroom, was roomy and on one table was a kettle, an assortment of teas, coffees, milk, sugar etc as one would find in most hotel rooms. Fresh towels lay on the bed and wraps hung on the door.
Whilst Michelle got herself ready SC went off to the local station to collect MASTER CHOCCY. Once they returned the rules of the house were explained and a tour of the dungeon also took place, all the time SC was explaining each piece of equipment and said that he would be on hand if required to help. More coffee was supplied and there was a totally relaxed unhurried atmosphere. The next few hours just flew by as we enjoyed ourselves in the dungeon trying out different scenarios. All too soon it was dinner time. We came down to a fully laid out table with French bread and butter, and a slow cooker bubbling away with a mouth watering stew(Previously mentioned as “Dungeon Stew”) a very apt description. There was not much left in the pot by the time we had eaten.
We were able to relax in the lounge after our meal and yet more coffee was on offer. The comment was “If you need anything just knock on the kitchen door”
Breakfast the following morning (Full English) would put most hotels to shame. Again there was a relaxed atmosphere no rush; time to pack and load the car.
We had a great time and plan to visit again. Our thanks to SC and H for making our first visit so easy and uncomplicated, it can be quite daunting going to someone else’s home not knowing what to expect, well we can fully recommend a visit to the “Croppery”.
16th May 2010.
20 May 2010 - East Sussex

Silverod |
As first timers we found this a most exhilarating and enlightening experience. All the more so for the friendly reception and guidance offered. Unfortunately, Hellenes was not available much to our disappointment. However, we soldiered on and tried most the equipment on offer in the Dungeon which was exceptionally well constructed and perfectly safe. Having only previously played in our own bedroom we found the Dungeon perfect in every way. We could use the bedroom and bathroom before and after play and were even supplied with robes [which we forgot to use], but no-one minded. We hope to return again very soon.
21 April 2010 - East Sussex

I have thought many times of what to write here. And therefore its taken me a long time after our visit.
We had an amazing time, plenty of relaxed chat after letting my partner in on the surprise!
We were shown round, and everything was explained, we were treated like friends. Which is what we needed. Having only messed around in the bedroom, having a whole dungeon at my disposal was great. I tried something I've always wanted to and got my slave really worked up.
We had dinner and chatted to our hosts. There was no rush for us to do anything, the afternoon and evening passed really quickly. The bedroom was very cofortable, and everything was on hand.
We left feeling closer together than ever. The experience was a turning point in our relationship. We are planning to go back when we can.
I would highly recommend the dungeon experience to anyone new. You will learn a lot, and be given as much or little advice as you want.
A great time was had- many thanks
10 March 2010 - Bexhill-on-sea

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